About Us

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“The Kent LNP has a vision for the Garden of England to have a healthy natural environment that is rich in wildlife, is enjoyed and valued by all and underpins our long-term economic, social and personal wellbeing”

The Kent Nature Partnership was awarded Local Nature Partnership (LNP) status by the government in July 2012 to drive positive change in the local natural environment. The Partnership takes a strategic view of the challenges and opportunities involved in managing the natural environment as a system benefiting biodiversity, people and the local economy.

LNPs bring together a wide range of interest groups to create a shared vision for the natural environment and deliver integrated environmental outcomes. LNPs break away from the traditional approach of delivering biodiversity conservation by focusing on obtaining socio-economic benefits through conservation and good management of biodiversity. LNPs will have a strong strategic element and it is anticipated that they will work closely with Local Enterprise Partnerships and the newly created Health and Wellbeing Partnerships.

Our mission is to enable a diverse range of organisations to work in partnership and to make the best use of their available resources in order to achieve significant gains for Kent's biodiversity.

We do this by:

1) Setting the strategic direction and policies to conserve and enhance Kent’s natural environment, whilst influencing change and maximising the social wellbeing and economic benefits that can be gained from it.

2) Facilitating collaboration, and join up partner agendas and actions, in order to make best use of available resources and direct action to priority areas and achieve greater benefits for the natural environment.

3) Enabling partners to work together across sectors and support natural environment priorities to create resilient ecological networks and protect and improve the natural environment so that social and economic benefits are maximised.

4) Providing integrated advice and clearly communicate the value of the natural environment to the economy and society.

5) Promoting and encouraging best practice across the county and advocating more vibrant and healthy communities.

Who should be involved in the Partnership?

We are bringing together a diverse range of individuals and organisations from the following interest groups:

• Businesses and economic partnerships

• Public health organisations and health and wellbeing partnerships

• Utilities and transportation providers

• Land owners and land management associations

• Environment NGOs and community groups

• Education and academic institutions

• Local authorities and parish councils

• Government agencies

The Partnership is led by a Project Board currently chaired by Caroline Jessel. The work of Board is supported by the Management Working Group.