KNP Strategic Management Plan

 Please note that KNP is completing an organisational review and a new Strategic Management Plan will be published later in 2017

The Kent Nature Partnership’s strategic management plan sets out the forward programme of work for the LNP that will assist in the Partnership delivering against five priorities for work.  These five priorities were developed following consultation with Kent stakeholders and in reference to Defra’s Overview of the LNP role.  These priorities are:

  • Advocating and integrating with existing agreed strategic approaches.
  • Set strategic direction for conservation and enhancement of the natural environment and input into strategic planning, as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework’s duty to cooperate.
  • Promotion of the Natural Environment White Paper and Biodiversity Strategy 2020 aims and visions at a Kent level.
  • Establishing a working relationship with the South East Local Enterprise Partnership.
  • Ensuring an effective and broad partnership.

 In addition to this strategic management plan, the Kent Nature Partnership also has a Biodiversity Strategy which will assist in the delivery of the Partnership’s vision for Kent’s natural environment. The delivery of these two documents will see the achievement of the Partnership’s aims:

  • Set the strategic direction and policies to conserve and enhance Kent’s natural environment, whilst also maximising the social wellbeing and economic benefits that can be gained from it.
  • Facilitate collaboration, and join up partner agendas and actions, in order to make best use of available resources and direct action to priority areas and achieve greater benefits for the natural environment
  • Act as a local champion for the natural environment and its value to socioeconomic outcomes, promoting and encouraging best practice across the county and advocating more vibrant and healthy communities.
  • Enable partners to work together across sectors to create resilient ecological networks and protect and improve the natural environment so that services are enhanced and social and economic benefits are maximised.
  • Provide integrated advice and clearly communicate the value of the natural environment to the economy and society.

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