Local Nature Partnerships (LNPs) are prescribed under the National Planning Policy Framework/Local Planning Regulations as bodies which local authorities 'should have regard to', the duty to Co-operate states that “Local Planning bodies that are subject to the duty must cooperate with LNPs and have regard to their activities when preparing their Local Plans”.

In 2017 KNP secured funding from Defra to deliver a planning demonstration project, which aims to improve provision for biodiversity and natural capital in local planning, assisting local plans to contribute to Kent Biodiversity Strategy targets. It will deliver this aim by undertaking a pilot with Kent local planning authorities that will illustrate the benefits of engaging with the KNP on local planning matters.

Kent’s local plans are all at differing stages of development; KNP needs to identify engagement at "appropriate" points. This engagement will, ideally, be as early as possible to inform the evidence base and issues and options.