Useful Documents & Evidence

Dungeness by FR&NE

KNP Conference, University of Greenwich, Medway. Tuesday 28th of June 2016


-  Introduction to the day- Caroline Jessel (KNP Co-Chair) PDF
-  The Natural Health Service- Dr William Bird (Intelligent Health) PDF
-  Access to Natural Greenspace- Dr Zoe Davies (DICE) PDF
-  Making Space for Nature- John Bennett (Kent Wildlife Trust) PDF
-  Valuing Kent's Natural Capital- Chris Eves (AECOM) PDF
-  Dorset Environmental Economy- Peter Moore (Dorset District Council) PDF
-  Achieving cross-sector success: The Kent Environment Strategy- Adam Morris & Cllr Matthew Balfour (KCC) PDF

KNP Documents

Please note that KNP is currently completing an organisational review and some of the following will change by autumn 2017:-

- KNP Structure & Management- Doc
- Strategic Management Plan 2016/17- PDF
- Strategic Priorities 2014- PDF
- Kent Biodiversity 2020 and beyond – a strategy for the natural environment 2015-2025 PDF
- Kent Biodiversity Opportunity Areas- Statement and Maps available from the Kent BAP website