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Natural environment based health interventions: a workshop on 'what works' and the role of Government, Westminster, November 2017.

KNP Chair Caroline Jessel attended this event, which is of great interest in terms of our Health and Nature Priority.

The Nature based health interventions - University of Exeter workshop summary here, a full report will follow in due course.

KNP Conference, University of Greenwich, Medway. Tuesday 28th of June 2016


Introduction to the day- Caroline Jessel (KNP Co-Chair) PDF
The Natural Health Service- Dr William Bird (Intelligent Health) PDF
Access to Natural Greenspace- Dr Zoe Davies (DICE) PDF
-  Making Space for Nature- John Bennett (Kent Wildlife Trust) PDF
-  Valuing Kent's Natural Capital- Chris Eves (AECOM) PDF
-  Dorset Environmental Economy- Peter Moore (Dorset District Council) PDF
-  Achieving cross-sector success: The Kent Environment Strategy- Adam Morris & Cllr Matthew Balfour (KCC) PDF