Pond and egret by car park, lovely summer evening, Elmley NNR
Credit: Jim Higham


2025 target

By 2021, 322 additional ponds with a total area of 161,000 m²

Current resource (Kent Habitat Survey 2012)

19,206 ponds with a total area of 7,039,121m2


The two year target for additional ponds to be created or restored in Kent is based on the requirement under the district level licensing for great crested newts (GCN) across Kent considering development at a landscape scale. This requirement has been used as a target for the habitat as it represents a focus on the enhancement of the conservation status of the wider GCN population and is a delivery of net gain in relation to the numbers of ponds across the county. All the ponds will be created or restored to very tight specifications ensuring that they are located in the most suitable habitat with the inclusion of buffer zones thereby linking “stepping stone” ponds and increasing the benefits for not only GCN but other wildlife as well.