In each case, the authors have been asked to describe the pressures on nature, the state of nature as a consequence and the responses that have been made to these drivers of change.

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Sheep grazing in rolling countryside

Agricultural management

Rory Harding, Kent Wildlife Trust, and
Dan Tuson, Natural England.

Page 63

Flooding in fields

Climate change

Lucy Breeze, Kent County Council.

Page 71

Views over marshland and reedbeds towards nearby farms,

Hydrological change

Hannah Reid, Kent Wildlife Trust.

Page 75

European wigeon Anas penelope flock in flight over Elmley Marshes RSPB Reserve


Nicky Britton-Williams, Kent Wildlife Trust.

Page 81

Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas

Invasive non-native species, pathogens and pests

Andrea Griffiths, Medway Valley Countryside Partnership.

Page 85

View over frost covered Elmley Marshes towards cooling towers of nearby industrial site.


Air pollution: Stephen Peckham, University of Kent. Water pollution: Philippa Taylor, Environment Agency.

Page 89

Highland Cattle Bos taurus at The Larches nature reserve

Habitat management

Woodland: Matt Hayes, Kent Wildlife Trust. Lowland Calcareous Grassland: Alison Ruyter, Kent Wildlife Trust. Coastal and Floodplain Grazing Marsh: Alan Johnson, RSPB. Coastal Habitats: Stephen Weeks, Kent Wildlife Trust.

Page 98

Crab fishing in Whitstable


Compiled by Chris Drake,
Kent County Council, including content from Willie McKnight, Kathryn Collins and Ian Humpheryes.

Page 127

Vegetation monitoring

Wildlife recording

Tony Witts, Kent & Medway Biological Records Centre.

Page 135

Great Crested Newt Triturus cristatus

District level licensing

Great Crested Newt: Nicky Britton-Williams, Kent Wildlife Trust.

Page 135

Family enjoying the Bluebells

People engagement in conservation

Keeley Atkinson, Lee Mason-Baldwin and Amy Fitzmaurice, Kent Wildlife Trust

Page 143

Children looking over a barrier

Public health

Introduction from Maya Butler at Natural England and content from Isabel Shaw, Rufus Howard and Julia Baker.

Page 147