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Biodiversity Net Gain


The Environment Act introduces a mandatory approach to biodiversity net gain (BNG). Development will be required to leave biodiversity in a better state than before. The KNP is proposing a county-wide approach to BNG to be adopted by all Kent’s planning authorities, that will deliver good outcomes for both nature and communities, as well as providing consistency for developers.

Kent Biodiversity Net Gain Site Register

The Kent Biodiversity Net Gain Site Register has been developed to:-

  • Provide evidence of the potential supply of ‘off-site’ biodiversity units.
  • Provide evidence to support the implementation of BNG policy requirements.
  • Allow users to register ‘off-site’ BNG sites which have not yet been surveyed (prospective sites).
  • Allow users to register ‘off-site’ sites which have been surveyed and have a completed BNG metric (surveyed sites).
  • Allow the identification of ‘off-site’ BNG delivery sites and facilitate contact between the landowner and a consultant/developer.

The Kent BNG Site Register is distinct from DEFRA’s ‘Register land for off-site biodiversity gain’ which records BNG sites once a legal agreement is in place.

Follow link to Kent BNG Register

Viability Assessment of Biodiversity Net Gain in Kent – June 2022

In response to the KNP’s promotion of a 20% BNG target for the county, Kent County Council (with funding support from Natural England) commissioned this strategic viability assessment of BNG in Kent. The purpose is to assist the county’s planning authorities to understand whether targeting a higher BNG than the statutory minimum of 10% is potentially viable in the county.  Link below.

Viability Assessment of Biodiversity Net Gain in Kent – June 2022 (PDF, 6 MB)

Justification for Biodiversity Net Gain in Kent – September 2020

The KNP promotes the adoption of 20% biodiversity net gain (BNG) target for the county’s planning authorities. This document sets out the Partnership’s justification for delivering BNG above the mandatory 10% in Kent. Link below.

Justification for biodiversity net gain in Kent Sept 2020 (PDF, 246 KB)

Overview of Biodiversity Net Gain by Natural England – April 2022