Intertidal chalk and subtidal chalk

State of Nature

The State of Nature in Kent 2021 is a ground breaking report that will be published in full shortly. It provides a reporting mechanism for the Kent Biodiversity Strategy and an evidence base for the forthcoming Local Nature Recovery Strategy.

The report looks aback over 10 years at the drivers for change and measures that have been taken for biodiversity, it is a mixed picture and both positive and negative trends are covered in detail.

Through the use of the Landscape Information Tool, for the first time, it presents a picture of land positively managed for wildlife in Kent and Medway, but more of this information is needed and the Landscape Information Tool is presented on these pages.

Kent’s Conservation Landscape Information Tool

The State of Nature in Kent report will provide a mechanism for keeping data on species, habitats, and management up-to-date, and is an instructive reference for future environmental decision making and risk management in Kent. It should be used as a catalyst for future action, accompanying the Kent Biodiversity Strategy, which provides the template for that action.

There has always been a difficulty in accurately measuring land under conservation management at a county scale, but this is essential information to inform nature recovery work. The State of Nature in Kent report marks a breakthrough. Thanks to use of the Landscape Information Tool and Nature’s Sure Connected (NSC) project, the report presents a baseline on land under conservation management for the first time, which can continually be added to.

One of the imitations encountered in the application of the tool was insufficient engagement by stakeholders and as a result it is likely that the results substantially underestimate the area of land influenced for conservation in Kent. However, as this is a new approach the data presented is a real step in the right direction and presents a means of data gathering going forward.

This is why we are presenting the Landscape Tool here as an opportunity to add to this data base and do your bit for nature recovery.