Young Seal lying on Tankerton Beach, Whitstable

Harbour and Grey Seals

2025 target

Harbour and grey seal population estimates for Greater Thames Estuary.

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True Fox-sedge - long green, grass-looking fronds with yellow seed heads at the top of spikes

True Fox-sedge (Carex vulpine)

2025 target

Update monitoring data for this species, with a view to verifying any decline and what management action might…

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Water Vole eating a plant

Water Vole

2025 target

To retain water vole populations on all known sites and demonstrate progress in assessing county-specific status through encouraging…

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Sandwich Tern flying in front of cliffs

Sandwich tern

2025 target

To retain the colony of 300 to 500 pairs in the Medway Estuary in the short-term and to…

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Lapwing relaxed in front of water


2025 target

> 1,000 pairs of breeding lapwing populations.

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European Eel in river

European Eel

2025 target

Demonstrable progress to silver eel escapement targets in all catchments that we influence; secure access for eel to…

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purple petals of Lady Orchid (Orchis purpurea)

Lady Orchid (Orchis purpurea)

2025 target

Number of records of this species.

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Common Blue butterfly on green plant

Common Blue

2025 target

Monitored via the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme transect system and through casual recording. This will provide data on…

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close up of Serotine bat on branch

Serotine bat

2025 target

Colony counts of maternity roosts at known Kent serotine roosts.

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Hedgehog on grass


2025 target

Number of tetrads where this species is recorded.

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Kentish Milkwort (Polygala Amarella) small purple flowers

Dwarf or Kentish Milkwort (Polygala amarella)

2025 target

Mapping and monitoring and action to move towards removal of this species from the brink of extinction by…

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Heath Fritillary on grass stem, RSPB Blean Woods, Kent

Heath Fritillary

2025 target

Maintain a minimum of 25 interconnected colonies in Kent. Increase the area of suitable interconnected habitat within the…

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Adonis Blue butterfly on brown flower

Adonis Blue

2025 target

To retain Adonis Blue on all known sites and locate more sites, to show an increase in the…

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Adder snake all curled up, face and red eye visible


2025 target

Increase by 2.5% per annum in the adder range (number of monads occupied) and overall frequency of recording.

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Swifts flying against blue sky, Stodmarsh NNR


2025 target

To stop the decline of swifts by ensuring that every new house built in Kent contains one swiftbox…

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Nightingale singing on a branch


2025 target

1,450 to 1,550 singing males.

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Turtle Dove on a stone

Turtle Dove

2025 target

To maintain the population of turtle doves in the 7 highest priority Turtle Dove Friendly Zones by 2020…

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Shrill Carder Bee on pink flower

Shrill Carder Bee

2025 target

By 2020, an increase in the distribution of SCB bees in recording hectads (10 km x 10 km)…

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